3 most popular online trends that went viral during this pandemic in Nigeria

3 most popular online trends that went viral during this pandemic in Nigeria

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Different visual contents streamed online during this pandemic period. This made most people to spend all their time on the net.

Out of all, there are 3 popular ones that stuck because of how creative, humourous, relatable or hilarious the videos were. Hence, here are the top 3 most popular

3 most popular online trends that went viral during this pandemic in Nigeria

Indaboski the liquid metal, the lion.

The popular Nigerian pastor, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje, was one of the most talked-about during the lockdown.

“Indaboski the lion” as he is fondly called, went viral like a wildfire when different videos of him were seen involving all sorts of spiritual activities. To some it is normal and real, while to others it’s not.

In one of his numerous trending videos, he was seen performing a “divine miracle”, where he lifted members of his congregation and threw them on empty chairs. To them, he was performing miracle.

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As a result, he got different nicknames formed by Nigerians. Such as, “smackdown pastor” and “heavyweight servant of the most high”.

In the video below, he is seen dancing “gbe body e” to a popular hip hop song which is mostly played in clubs and social gatherings.


He also became popular for his lines, “Everyone can never be preaching love. I’m not a man of a preacher of love. I am the fight; Indaboski Bahose”

Duduke challenge

You either participated in this challenge or were being tagged in a video. Duduke challenge made a lot of fame, where you make a creative video either with a real or fake baby bump.

Simi’s Duduke streamed online and had millions of views. Nigerian musicians, comedians and fans played with the song which included doing a cover for it.


One of which is the lengendary musician, Tuface Idibia, was seen giving to the song and claimed that the song is “evergreen” and dope. Also, Taooma, a female comedian, creatively played with the song as she turned it to a comedy.

Mummy calm down

Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola, a young boy of four, popularly know as mummy calm down, got the heart of many Nigerians after the spread of his video. His actions melted their heart, as he was seen negotiating with his mother to avoid being flogged.

In the video, the young boy knelt down to plead to his mother. Later, he started demonstrating how she should do before beating him. He said, “Mummy calm down and rest a little. This is my last chance in the world.”

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Mummy calm down

Few hours after the video went viral, the governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, was moved by the boy’s action towards his mother. This motivated the governor to pass a message across to Lagosians that they should always “calm down.” He said,

“The exchange was indeed funny, but it depicts the efforts parents put in moulding children into responsible adults. I want to assume that his mom indeed calmed down because the appeal was moving enough to make anyone change their mind,”

Also, he met with the four year old brave boy in his office.

Recently, Oreofe has signed a two year contract with T Pumpy Concept Limited, a real estate company owned by Mr. Akintayo Adaralegbe. He is now an ambassador of the real estate company.

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